Celebrating the International Day of Women & Girls in Science

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On this International Day of Women & Girls in Science, we take a moment to honor, appreciate and thank, all the women scientists at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. The pandemic has clearly demonstrated the critical role of women researchers in different stages of the fight against COVID-19. At the same time, it has also had a significant impact on women scientists – particularly those in the early stages of their career.

Together with some members of the YoungEHA Committee, Dr Alba Maiques-Diaz, Postdoctoral Scientist at the Biomedical Epigenomics Group IDIBAPS/ Hospital Clinic, Barcelona (Spain), recently published a paper in HemaSphere entitled: Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Laboratory and Clinical Research: A Testimony and a Call to Action From Researchers. One of the factors highlighted in their research reinforced how the lockdown has been particularly detrimental for younger researchers, and how this has to be adequately addressed, with specific attention to minimize the impact on gender equity.

Here’s what Alba had to add,

“The pandemic has amplified some issues that research already had, but it has also helped to visualize them better. This includes the acute gender imbalances and glass-ceilings of research structures. We are aware, and now, we need to take action to change them.

To do so, I believe we need to make all the efforts needed to help female researchers, especially young ones, to stand out and be visible. This is a two way process. We (women) need to empower ourselves, learn to be confident and understand that are many ways of being a successful researcher and leader. But to make this possible we need institutions and research associations to help us by providing secure networks, structures and resources that help in boosting this change.”

Today (and everyday), we at EHA are proud to celebrate women and girls, who are leading innovation and call for actions to remove all barriers that hold them back.

Last Updated on Thursday 11 February 2021.