For mentors

When discussing this career development opportunity with your associates, please keep in mind that applicants with the same mentor are eligible to apply. However, no more than ONE participant from a specific mentor will be selected.

As part of your support to your associate who is applying for TRTH, the following is required from you:

  • The applicant's mentor should be either an EHA member, or an ASH member at the time of LOI submission and throughout the term of the award program.
  • Supervision and mentorship has to be provided to the applicant during the TRTH award year
  • Please have your associate write their own project proposal. You are free to mentor them, but do not rewrite their proposal.
  • Should the applicant be invited to submit a full application, the mentor is required to submit several documents in support.
  • The mentor should describe the applicant’s abilities and likelihood to succeed in pursuing an academic career in translational research.
  • The mentor must also indicate and detail his/her:
  1. Qualifications within the applicant’s research area, describing previous experience in research training.
  2. Commitment to providing a productive environment for the applicant to pursue their project.
  3. Indication of why/how TRTH will be beneficial to the applicant.
  4. Mentor's biosketch/CV (2-page limit) will be required, including complete contact information, present position, training (including training in clinical and or translational research), publications, and other relevant information.

The mentor’s documents will be evaluated based on the following:

  • mentor’s personal qualifications,
  • productivity and research support, as evidenced by the mentor’s CV/biosketch,
  • mentoring experience and plans for mentoring and enhancing the career development of the applicant, environment for conducting the proposed research, past history and quality of the interaction between the mentor and the applicant.