Aging and Hematology

The SWG "Aging and Hematology" has four main goals for the next four years (2019-2023):

To share clinically useful tools in assessing frailty and comorbidities in older adults with hematologic malignancies. Links to existing documents and websites with online calculators to help in the assessment and interpretation of the results will be provided.

To facilitate access to guidance documents. Other groups and scientific societies are highly active in developing guidelines. Links to existing guidance documents of national, European, and international organizations will be provided. Moreover, the SWG will start developing guidelines and recommendations in those topics uncovered yet, such as cardiovascular complications in older adults undergoing therapy for hematologic malignancies, management of antineoplastic agents in patients with renal impairment and recognition of cognitive disfunction in older adults with hematologic malignancies.

To disseminate the knowledge among physicians and researchers with a view to maintaining high common standards in the field of geriatric hematology research.

To reinforce networking opportunities for those who are interested in geriatric hematology


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