SWG Educational Activities

Educational initiatives of the SWG:

  • 'Dealing with bleeding in cancer' – A session of EHA SWG held during the 9th International Conference on Thrombosis and Hemostasis Issues in Cancer (ICTHIC) on April 13-15, in Bergamo, Italy (icthic.com).
    Speakers: MM Levi (NL), V Mathews (India), G Castaman (Italy), N Mutch (United Kingdom) + 2 abstract presentations.
    Chairs: F Rodeghiero (Italy), FWG Leebeek (The Netherlands).

    The lectures and abstracts are published in a supplement of the journal ‘Thrombosis Research’ 2018. Volume 164, Supplement 1, Pages S1-S238 online: www.sciencedirect.com

  • An educational session of the SWG on Bleeding & Thrombosis was organized during the EHA23 Congress, in Stockholm, June 2018. Session title: ‘The challenge of anticoagulation during malignancy’.

  • Acceptance by the EHA board of the proposal of the third joint symposium in conjunction with the SWG on Thrombocytopenias and Platelet Function Disorders; Title of this meeting is ‘Systemic Risk of Thrombosis and Bleeding’, planned for November 2019 in Madrid.