Highlights from the SWG

a) Participation in the Oral Session at EHA Vienna annual meeting 10-12 June 2022

Scientific session “New insights in granulocytes and constitutional marrow failures disorders” was chaired by Prof. Carlo Dufour (IT). Several speakers presented important updates during this session. Cristina Fraga (PT) presented “Gaucher disease: What is new and the role of hematologists”, Helen Papadaki (GR) discussed “Incidence and long-term significance of clonal hemopoiesis among patients with chronic Idiopathic Neutropenia” and Maurizio Miano (IT) described “Constitutional marrow failures due to inherited immune dysregulations”.

 b) Identification of new neutropenia subsets in children and young adults.

 c) Incoming 2023:
a.  Gaucher Disease Guidelines by Dr. Colm Bradley
b.  Molecular profile of new Neutropenia subsets, leukemia predisposition, and Constitutional Marrow Failures disorders
c.  Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of chronic neutropenias accepted in HemaSphere, as a collaboration between the EHA-SWG and EuNet-INNOCHRON.