Highlights from the SWG

EHA2023 Congress

The EHA2023 Congress was held in Frankfurt, Germany, in June 2023.

Guideline session


‘The European Guidelines on Diagnosis and Management of Neutropenia in Adults and Children.’


  • Francesca Fioredda
  • Helen A Papadaki
  • Michail Spanoudakis

Oral session


‘Modern Management of classical constitutional marrow failures.’


Carlo Dufour

ISEH 52nd Annual Scientific Meeting

EHA-ISEH joint session

Invited chair and moderator

Carlo Dufou

XXVI Congreso Sociedad Argentina de Hematología

The XXVI Congreso Sociedad Argentina de Hematología was held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in November 2023.

Oral presentations


  • ‘Alternative donor HSCT versus immunosoppressive treatment in SAA without fully HLA-MRD.’
  • ‘The landscape of bone marrow failure from childhood to adulthood.’


Carlo Dufour

American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2023

Abstract presentation


‘Heterogeneous Genetic Landscape of Chronic Idiopathic Neutropenia Revealed By Whole Exome Sequencing.’


Helen A Papadaki

EHA SWG Grant winner

Project title

‘Whole exome sequencing to unravel the potential genetic background/landscape of chronic idiopathic neutropenia.’

Principal investigators

  • Francesca Fioredda, PhD, MD
  • Grigorios Tsaknakis, PhD

Project details

You can find further information on the long-lasting, late-onset, and chronic idiopathic neutropenia project page.

2024 highlights

Current and future activities

  • EHA Innovation Grant application: ‘Acquired and Congenital Neutropenias: toward a better understanding of molecular pathogenesis and development of machine learning diagnostic tools and tailored treatments (Neutro-PathLearn).’
  • EUNet Innochron COST submission 2024.
  • Manuscript preparation: Therapeutic Guidelines on Neutropenias (writing phase) with EuNet Innochron COST Action n. 18322.
  • Gaucher Disease Guidelines—work in progress by Colm Bradley.
  • Molecular profile of new neutropenia subsets and leukemia predisposition.