How to apply for an EHA Bilateral Collaborative Grant

On this page, we explain all of the actions you'll need to take when submitting an EHA Bilateral Collaborative Grant application.

Before you begin

Make sure you've read and understood:

Terms and conditions

Before you submit an application, you must read the terms and conditions for EHA Bilateral Collaborative Grant.

You should also share this document with:

  • Your head of department
  • A relevant administrative or legal representative at your institute and/or your host institute (depending on your circumstances)

To avoid potential issues with your application or project, it's important that these individuals understand and agree to the terms and conditions from the outset.

EHA Portal account

To apply, you must be registered on the EHA Portal. You can find detailed information on this platform in our step-by-step guide to using the EHA Portal.

Only one principal investigator (PI 1) must submit the application on behalf of the collaboration. However, both PIs must create separate profiles on the EHA portal and provide personal details.

If you already have an EHA Portal account

You can either:

  • Log in using your existing credentials
  • Select ‘Reset or create password’ if you cannot remember your details

When you log in, make sure you use the email address that EHA has on file.

If you do not have an EHA Portal account

Go to the EHA Portal and follow the steps under the ‘Create your user profile’ heading.

Please keep in mind that, once you register, it may take up to two business days before your registration is processed and you get access to the system.

Registrations are approved from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00, Amsterdam time.

If you submit your application after the deadline date due to late EHA Portal registration, it will not be considered.

If you need help with EHA Portal

If you experience issues with registration or accessing your account, our Grants team can help. You can email us at

Application form

To apply for an EHA Bilateral Collaborative Grant, you should complete the application form on the EHA Portal.

You will find the instructions on the platform.

Budget information

As part of your application, you must tell us about your project's budget.

On the application form, please include the following in the 'budget' section:

  • Itemization
  • Justification—for example, for equipment, you should provide details about the kind of equipment needed and how it will be used to further the aims of the project

The itemization and justification should include a clear overview of how the funds will be shared between the two PIs.

Please note that final budgets are subject to approval by EHA's Fellowships and Grants Committee.

At the end of the grant period, all expenditures must be documented with original receipts, vouchers, and/or invoices.

Documents you must submit

As part of your application, you also must submit the following documents. All documents must be in PDF format.

Joint project proposal

Please use the project proposal template.

Your proposal document should contain a:

  • Joint project proposal (maximum five pages)
  • Clear assignment of responsibilities and tasks between the two PIs (maximum half a page)
  • Full justification of the need to work together and the added value that this collaboration will provide within the present two-year grant period (maximum half page)
  • Plan for sustaining the collaboration in the long term (maximum half a page)

If you go over this limit, your application will be ineligible.

PIs' CVs

Please combine the two CVs into a single PDF and name it:

  • PI1 full name.PI2 full name_CVs.pdf

Each CV should be no longer than two pages and include the following information.

Education and employment

  • Position title (current position at the institute).
  • Previous positions and employment.
  • Education (including MD/PhD/hematology training graduation dates).

Other experience

  • Other experience and professional membership.
  • Honors and awards.


  • Five top publications—with full citation and the impact factor of the journal.
  • Selected peer-reviewed publications—up to ten.
  • Total citations (Google Scholar).
  • H-index according to Google Scholar.

Other projects

  • List of other projects for which you are a PI.

Letters of support

Please combine the following documents into a single PDF and name it:

  • FirstName.LastName_SupportLetters.pdf

1. Letters from department heads

You must include letters from the department heads of both institutes. These letters should be on institute letterheads, and be no longer than two pages each.

Each letter should include:

  • A description of the institutional commitment and facilities to support the project
  • A description of how the proposed project will fit into the current research of the department
  • An acceptance statement that makes it clear that possible overhead costs for this EHA grant will be paid for with funds other than the grant
  • A statement that confirms the institute accepts the terms and conditions as they appear on EHA’s website
  • The department head's signature.

2. Signed statements of institutional support

You must include a signed statement of institutional support from your institute. This letter should be on an institute letterhead, and be no longer than one page.

Each letter should include:

  • A statement that confirms the institute accepts the terms and conditions as they appear on EHA’s website
  • A signature by the legally mandated administrative authority of the institute

Formatting and file requirements

In all cases:

  • The documents should be digital files rather than scans
  • Each page should have a page number, the applicant’s name, and project title in the header or footer

What happens after you apply for an EHA Bilateral Collaborative Grant

You can find out what happens after you submit an application by reading our page about the review and selection process.