SWG Educational Activities

At the annual meeting EHA 2017, a scientific session was held:
”Mutations in AML: Hype or Hope?”

Two presentations were given:

  • Mutational landscape in AML: Towards clinical implications
    Speaker: L Bullinger
  • Mutations or clones: Clone wars in AML and targeted therapy
    Speaker: P Vyas

The session was chaired by Kimmo Porkka and was well attended.

Furthermore, the APL guidelines will be updated again in close collaboration with ELN. Miquel Sanz has the lead.

The AML SWG is also involved in testing whether the ESMO-MCBS v1.1 that was developed to test the magnitude of clinical benefit for solid malignancies is also applicable for hematological malignancies. Together with other SWGs, clinical studies were tested according this system. The conclusion is that with minor adaptations this ESMO-MCBS is also applicable for hematological malignancies. This will result in a combined EHA-ESMO publication.

EHA CAMPUS - Hematology Updates - Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)