EHA Diagnosis - Coming in 2024

EHA Diagnosis is a new digital project created by the EHA for EHA Members.

EHA Diagnosis is a diagnostic reference resource and educational aid for hematologists to improve their knowledge of the morphological features of hematological conditions and to hone their diagnostic skills.

EHA Diagnosis will build a comprehensive library covering all hematological diagnoses.

Key Features :

  • Expert-curated library of high-quality reference images
  • Comprehensive descriptions of clinical and morphological features
  • High-resolution microscopy images of blood/bone marrow
  • Additional reference results (e.g., immunophenotype and cytogenetics)
  • Interactive image manipulation tools
  • Built-in measuring tool for morphological features


The AML diagnosis are scheduled for release on September 2nd. We are currently in the process of expanding the content.


EHA Diagnosis will be exclusively available to EHA member.


Fill out our Form and let us know about your experience, interests, and willingness to contribute. 

Gallery images

Please note that certain elements may change or may not be available in the beta release.