Is CRTH for me?


  • Applicant must be a trainee or junior faculty and hold an MD or MD/PhD 
  • Applicant must be actively employed in a hematology or hematology-related research environment 
  • The applicant must be an EHA member or EHA Guest at the time of application submission and throughout the term of the award program 
  • Applicants from the same institution are eligible to apply. However, no more than ONE participant working in the same lab/research unit will be selected and no more than TWO participants from the same institution will be selected 
  • Applicants with the same supervisor are eligible to apply; however, no more than ONE participant from a specific supervisor will be selected. 
  • Institution is defined as the institution where the applicant will be conducting research during the CRTH Program year, NOT the location of a prior supervisor or a department head at an institution the applicant may return to later 
  • The applicant must be available to attend all three meetings and have the full support of the institute (or manager) to attend, which is confirmed by a signature of the manager or the party that decides on clinic duty schedules etc. 
  • Proficiency in English is required.

EHA’s Policy on life Events & Eligibility

For each child/pregnancy, a mother can add 18 months to the time since graduation and a father can add 3 months.

Other life events, e.g., military service, disease or lab closure can also extend the period of eligibility but must be justified. If you have doubts regarding your eligibility, please contact the EHA office at


  • Applicants working primarily on laboratory research projects will not be considered
  • Please see EHA’s policy regarding multiple career development opportunities.