Target audience

You are a hematologist working at an academic center or a large community hospital that is known for running clinical trials. You have an interest in clinical science proven by either having been involved as a co-investigator, in (co-)developing clinical trial protocols and/or or by (co-) authorship of publications about clinical trials. You have a keen interest and experience in designing and executing clinical trials. You are looking for mentorship and want to achieve excellence as a clinical scientist. 

Twenty early-career scientists will be selected to participate in the course. 

Meet alumni and learn more about the CTRH program!

Vinicius de Molla
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

"The CRTH was an unforgettable experience for me. I decided to apply for it because even after my Ph.D. I was facing some difficulties running my clinical trial. During the workshops, I could improve my project by discussing it with specialists from different areas of knowledge, such as statisticians, academy professionals, and the pharmaceutical industry.

More than improving my trial, I could share experiences with my colleagues, learning from them and their projects.

The knowledge gained during this training will help me to develop future clinical trials. Now I feel more confident designing and running a research trial.

I recommend the CRTH to all young researchers. This experience was worth every minute.

Selina Chavda
University College London, UK

"When I applied for CRTH, I was undertaking a translational PhD in proteasome inhibitor resistance in multiple myeloma. I had several years of research experience and had been a myeloma trials fellow at UCLH and was keen to take some of my PhD research findings further into clinical trials.

CRTH is an excellent programme, it has helped me to understand how to set up a trial from a practical perspective as well as develop a robust trial protocol. The programme offers a blend of lectures and small group work with inspiring mentors and other like-minded haematologists from across the world.

Through this course, I have developed new collaborations with haematologists internationally and developed a viable clinical trial proposal that I plan to take forward at my local CRF. It was one of the best experiences I have had!

Alessandra Romano
Università degli Studi di Catania, Italy

"I enrolled at CRTH course to strongly improve my attitude as physician scientist in pursuing an academic career in clinical research. What I received far exceeded my expectations!

Through meaningful study questions and developing the schedule of events to minimize the burden on study subjects, our excellent EHA mentors provided scientific and technical support to lead the negotiation with the companies, grant agencies and stakeholders. The cutting-edge research concepts and resources gained in the CRTH course helped me to establish my own research group, get my trial funded and expand my network for future challenges in our patients’ care.

But CRTH is more than this! The friendships and enthusiasm in sharing new ideas with highly motivated and talented colleagues pursued us to be better clinicians and scientists, giving us a concrete opportunity to improve the outcome and quality of life of our patients across the world."

Semih Başcı
Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital, Turkey

"When I applied for EHA CRTH, I was working as a hematologist and have been involved as sub-investigator in several trials. I had a keen interest in clinical trials but was feeling lost about what to do next. At that point, I felt EHA CRTH might be exactly what I have been looking for.

The EHA CRTH environment was very encouraging and relaxed. I believe it was an excellent chance to meet, receive feedback, and gain insight from outstanding mentors. I think the program content was compact and felt privileged to get hints and tips from top mentors. I consider EHA CRTH very valuable for my career since it enabled me to save a significant amount of time and effort. I have met and shared a great time with enthusiastic colleagues. I believe it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!"