EHA Education & Mentoring Awards

“Educating and mentoring are a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

The call for nominations for the Education & Mentoring Award 2019 is closed.

The Winner of the Education & Mentoring Award 2019 will be announced at the 24th Congress of EHA in Amsterdam, in June.

Over the years, EHA has become one of the most reputable organizations providing medical education to hematologists in and outside of Europe. This result is made possible by the impressive efforts of those contributing and leading the program and supporting committees. Therefore, the EHA Board decided to introduce the EHA Education & Mentoring Awards to honor those whose outstanding contributions to hematology education deserve acknowledgment and acclaim. The EHA Education & Mentoring Award 2018 were conferred to:

- Professor Robin Foà (Sapienza University, Rome, Italy) for his outstanding efforts towards educating and mentoring of hematologists worldwide and his leading role in various projects and committees within EHA.

- Professor Barbara Bain (Imperial College London, United Kingdom) for her efforts towards educating hematologists worldwide within the scope of EHA projects such as Hematology Tutorials as well as through her highly–valued publications.


Professor Robin Foà received one of the Education & Mentoring Awards 2018



Professor Barbara Bain received one of the Education & Mentoring Awards 2018