How can I start contributing?

Getting started is easy! Here are a few good-to-know tips, that will help you navigate the different aspects of the EHA Hub.

Groups & Topics, explained

  • Main Feed: The main feed is the running compilation of all new posts that are posted on groups, or the main feed. You can post here, to address the community and all its members in its entirety.
  • Groups: You’ll notice that the community is made up of Groups. Groups act as smaller communities under the main Hub, and you are free to join the pre-existing groups that you’re interested in. If you have suggestions for groups, drop us a message in the main feed and we will evaluate your request.
  • Topics: These represent your usual social media #hashtags. Content you contribute can be tagged with multiple topics but they only have one space they reside in (which can either be in the main feed or a specific group). The post privacy would be related to that space.  Add a topics tag that is relevant to your posts, to better organize the content that is shared within the community.
    • For example, if the content you’re publishing in the group ‘Case reports’ has to do with clinical trials – then click ‘add topic’, and add ‘Clinical trials’ as a tag.

Contributing content

  • You’ll be able to upload content in several formats
    • Post (a status update, or quick contribution)
    • Question (a poll, or an open question you'd like to put forth to the community)
    • Blog (an article/ thought piece you'd like to contribute)
    • Discussion (a longer form post)

The ‘discussion’ / ‘blog’ formats in particular, allow for more customization of how you present your content contributions.