EHA-SLCH Hematology Tutorial on Hematological Disorders

SCHL meeting

Date: March 18-19, 2022

Format: Hybrid

EHA and the Sri Lanka College of Haematologists (SLCH) are happy to have successfully organized the EHA-SLCH Hematology Tutorial on Hematological Disorders on March 18 and 19, 2022.

Meeting chairs:

  • Prof Gianluca Gaidano (European Hematology Association)
  • Dr Anoma Weerawardena (Sri Lanka College of Haematologists)
  • Dr Chandana Wickramaratne (Sri Lanka College of Haematologists)

The Tutorial was held in a hybrid format, live streamed virtually with a physical hub in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The overarching topic of the meeting was hematological disorders, including some not often talked about disorders such as hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. The meeting consisted of eight sessions, each featuring a lecture and self-assessment case given by an international speaker, and a clinical case presented by a local speaker.

Each session aimed to be educational, and delegates were able to gage their new-found knowledge during self-assessment cases, made interactive with voting and feedback. International and local experts were brought together during the Q&A time which followed each presentation. There was a high level of interaction between the speakers and attendees during each session, with in some sessions too many questions to be answered live even..

The tutorial included following topics:

  • Risk stratification and management of high risk MDS
  • Diagnostic dilemmas and management options in CMML
  • Current treatment practice in multiple myeloma
  • Current concepts in diagnosis and treatment of amyloidosis
  • Recent advances in management of thalassaemia
  • Challenges in management of sickle cell disease and complications
  • Dilemmas in diagnosis and treatment - Covid coagulopathy and Vaccine-induced Immune ‘’It was a well organized and very productive meeting. Topics discussed were relevant for our practice.’’’ – Anonymous Speaker

‘’A very instructive scientific event with an impact on clinical practice. It is the best way to interact with doctors who practice in countries with limited resources.’’ – Faculty member

‘[…] It was a well organized and fruitful event and the content of the tutorial was well presented and precise.  In addition to that the knowledge we gained will be used for the betterment of the patient care.’– Anoma Weerawardena, President of the Sri Lanka College of Haematologists (SLCH)

The Tutorial was attended by 207 participants (both virtual and physical) from 29 countries, with more than half of the attendees coming from Sri Lanka. 95% of the participants rated the program as excellent.

EHA and SLCH are both happy with the outcome of the meeting and look forward to a continuation of their fruitful and longstanding collaboration.

Last Updated on Friday 22 April 2022.