SWG Educational Activities

• EHA Annual Meeting – Virtual 9-17th June 2021: Dr. Dufour C. “Constitutional Marrow Failures due to inherited immune dysregulation”

• EHA Annual Meeting – Virtual 9-17th June 2021: Dr. Papadaki, EHA-SWG session "Incidence and long-term significance of CH among patients with CIN"

• Participation: EUROBLOOD net Meeting: board meeting 2021

• Indian Society of Hematolgy – Virtual – Dr. Dufour “Congenital Neutropenias” – 20th July 2021

• EBMT SAA/ pediatric diseases working party educational meeting – Virtual, 8th October 2021 Dr.Dufour C. “Cancer predisposition in Fanconi Anemia”

• Scientific Director: Innochron EUNET Cost Action 18233 - ECI Training School 30th Aug – 1st Sept 2021

• Scientific Director: Innochron EUNET Cost Action 18233 - ECI Meeting 2-3rd September 2021

• Participation to EHA Oral Session – EHA Annual Meeting 2022 Vienna - Austria:
1. Dr. Fioredda F. “Overview of the guidelines”
2. Dr. Fioredda F. “Towards common diagnosis: approach to inherited and acquired neutropenias”

• EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Acquired Aplastic Anemia. Presentation by Dr. H. Papadaki "Single lineage marrow failure: the example of chronic idiopathic neutropenia"

• Participation XXVI Congresso SBTMO 2022 Sao Paulo - Brasil 24-27th August 2022

• EBMT 7th International Transplant Course Barcelona – Spain, 2-4th September 2022

• EHA-TSH Hematology Tutorial – online, 24th September 2022 Dr. Dufour “Fanconi Anemia”

• Participation XLVII Congresso Nazionale AIEOP Torino - Italy, 10-12 October 2022 Dr. Dufour “Fanconi Anemia”

• Turkish Society of Hematology (TSH) 48th National Hematology Congress 2-5th November 2022 : keynote lecture of Dr. Dufour C. “Update in Congenital Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes”

• Co-Chair and Presenter of ESH – EBMT BMFS 2022 18-20th November Paris – France,

• Participation ASH Annual Meeting in New Orleans 9th-13th December 2022, educational: “ Modern Management of Fanconi Anemia”

Collaboration on international projects promoted by or involving SWG

  • Dr. Papadaki H. Coordiantes the CA 18233 COST project EuNet-INNOCHRON focused on chronic neutropenias (https://eunet-innochron.eu/) that close collaborates with the SWG.
  • Innochron Eunet COST Action 18233 ECI Meeting Palermo – Italy
  • Innochron Eunet COST Action 18233 Training School Tubingen – Germany