Tutorial on thalassemia focused on best treatment

Almost 90 delegates from Shiraz and other cities in Iran learned how to identify the best treatment for each thalassemia patient at the EHA-SHRC Hematology Tutorial on Thalassemia on May 10-11, 2018 in Shiraz, Iran.

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Press Release: Economic burden of blood disorders in EU is €23 billion

The economic burden of blood disorders across the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland amounts to €23 billion per year.

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PRESS RELEASE: The future of research in hematology is here

“For the first time, hematologists in Europe came together to develop a roadmap to guide hematology research in Europe” says Professor Andreas Engert, chair of the EHA Research Roadmap Task Force, “Hematology in Europe has achieved a lot, but the discipline must focus and…

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Gdf -11 a new target to improve anemia in thalassemia.


β-thalassemias are characterized by ineffective red blood cell (RBC) production, leading to anemia, iron overload, and organ failure. As current treatment options for β-thalassemia are limited, there is a clear unmet need for alternative therapies.

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EU commissioner Tonio Borg: 'we will continue to improve the life of people suffering from Thalassaemia'


Today, May 8, is International Thalassemia Day. Today, we seek to enhance the awareness and knowledge of thalassemia and other hemoglobin disorders.

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EHA Guidelines by Topic

AL Amyloidosis

Guidelines for high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation for systemic AL amyloidosis: EHA-ISA working group guidelines (2021)
Guidelines for non-transplant chemotherapy for treatment of systemic AL amyloidosis: EHA-ISA working group (2022)
Bleeding and thrombosis

EHA Guidelines on management of antithrombotic treatments…

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