EBAH CME Accreditation

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EBAH CME Accreditation

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is the best way for hematologists to master the latest developments within the specialty. Staying abreast of scientific developments and keeping in touch with up-to-date views on clinical policies is essential to raise the professional level, ultimately resulting in the best treatment for patients. The European Board for Accreditation in Hematology (EBAH) reviews and accredits CME so the hematologists can trust that EBAH accredited program will deliver independent and high quality level education.

Harmonization of hematology knowledge

Countries strive for improvement in their national courses, as well as harmonization of training in hematology at a European level, adapting uniform standards and quality levels to suit their needs. This is important to raise the general standards within the specialty of hematology. This applies to individuals as well as organizations, in Europe and beyond.

Due to these benefits, more and more training institutes are applying for accreditation, thus offering increased benefits to participants:

  • a wider selection of tutorials and events of approved quality will become available, enabling you to select the training that best matches your individual needs;
  • your academic qualifications will be recognized across European borders because your credits have been accumulated from participation in training run by internationally recognized, high-quality educational organizations. National Societies and EHA are attempting to align their CME systems and the value of their credits.

In the coming years, this should result to a uniform European system to run alongside those of each country, allowing you to become an active, widely accepted member of the European community of Hematologists, as well as supporting your international mobility.

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