Online Case Unit

Current committee members:

Marielle Wondergem, The Netherlands (Editor-in-Chief)
Barbara Bain, United Kingdom (Editor)
John Burthem, United Kingdom (Editor)
Mary Frances McMullin, United Kingdom (Editor)
Christopher McNamara, United Kingdom (Editor)


The Online Case Unit guards the quality and consistency of all cases presented at EHA Tutorials and available on the EHA Campus.

Tasks & responsibilities:

  • Sets the standards for reviewing cases.
  • Review and edit all materials for EHA Hematology Tutorials.
  • Review and amend clinical cases for the EHA Campus.
  • Actively participate in meetings and calls


  1. Editor-in-Chief
  2. Up to 4 editiors


  • 3 years with the possibility of reappointment once.


  • 2 physical meeting
  • Regular conference calls