Scientific Program Committee, EHA Congress 2024

Current committee members:

Brian Huntly, United Kingdom (Chair)
Martin Dreyling, Germany (Chair elect)
Konstanze Döhner, Germany (Past Chair)
Marta Morado, Spain (Local representative)
Gabriela Baerlocher, Switzerland
Tom Cupedo, The Netherlands
Florence Cymbalista, France
Mariane De Montalembert, France
Jordi Esteve, Spain
Thoas Fioretos, Sweden
Sara Ghorashian, United Kingdom
Domenico Girelli, Italy
Mats Jerkeman, Sweden
Ulrich Keller, Germany
Shahram Kordasti, United Kingdom
Marc Mansour, United Kingdom
Mirjana Mitrovic, Serbia
Satu Mustjoki, Finland
Fionnuala Ní Ainle, Ireland
Jessica Okosun, United Kingdom
Uwe Platzbecker, Germany
Paula Rodríguez Otero, Spain
Martina Seiffert, Germany
Liran Shlush, Israel
Jerzy Windyga, Poland
Robert Zeiser, Germany


The Scientific Program Committee is responsible for the creation of a scientific and educational EHA Congress program that encompasses comprehensive hematology, stands out in excellence and includes the latest insights and findings in hematology research and clinical practice.

The SPC serves as an advisory body to the EHA Board and works closely with the EHA Office and other EHA Committees.

Tasks & responsibilities:

  • To ensure consistency and continuity of EHA’s Annual congress
  • To maintain the quality of the scientific and educational content of the EHA congress
  • To guarantee the composition of a balanced program, covering comprehensive hematology.
  • Participate in meetings, calls, reviews and all other activities needed to deliver a high quality congress program.


  1. Chair (EHA Board member)
  2. Past Chair (EHA Board member)
  3. Chair elect (EHA Board member)
  4. Local representative from hosting country
  5. Up to 20 full members representing all fields in hematology (appointed based on expertise by the EHA Board)


  • Chairs: 3 years
  • Local representative: 1 year
  • Full members: 2 years


  • Physical & virtual meetings
  • Regular conference calls