The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) Hosts its Second …

CASCAIS, PORTUGAL: The ISTH is hosting its Second Annual Advanced Training Course on Thrombosis and Haemostasis on March 13-16, 2014, at the Hotel Quinta da Marinha in Cascais, Portugal. As part of the Society’s mission, the course will provide the latest training in the treatment of thrombosis and bleeding disorder management to meet the needs of hematologists and related specialists around the world. Space is limited to only 200 participants; early registration is recommended to ensure availability.

The meeting will provide three full days of intense examination on the subjects of blood coagulation and bleeding disorders, platelets and venous thrombosis. Leading scientists with vast experience in education will deliver focused lectures followed by ample time for discussion and close interaction with the participants. Meet the Expert sessions will be devoted to discussion groups with the day’s speakers. There will also be interactive sessions in the evening with exercises relating to the analysis of the topics discussed during the day or on clinical case studies. A formal program is available here.


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Research must provide ‘more good news on outcomes’ while patients need simple an…

Hematology is one of few medical disciplines that have made significant steps in realizing the promise of personalized medicine. Together with ESMO and Eurocan Platform and in the context of our membership of the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM), EHA was involved in the organization of a Roundtable  ‘Oncology/Haematology: How to provide the right prevention and treatment to the right patient at the right time’.

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Position of EHA on Access to Medicines

Access to medicines is a fundamental element of the human right to health. While recognizing the need to keep our health systems affordable, we see great danger in hematologists having to prioritize patients, substitute standard for improvised regimens or choose unproven treatment options. As part of our mission to promote excellence in clinical practice in hematology we call upon the EU to promote knowledge building, increase transparency and take evidence-based measures that remove unnecessary barriers to patient access to medicines in Europe.

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Position of EHA on the Harmonization of Training and Education in Europe

Trainees and specialists in hematology must be fit for practice. It is our mission to promote excellence in education in European hematology. To improve patient care and public health it is essential to raise and maintain the skills and competences of hematologists to an equally high standard across European countries. Therefore, we aim to harmonize and improve training and education in hematology in Europe.

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Position of EHA on Research Funding

It’s in the blood of hematologists to do research. It is our mission to promote research in European hematology. To sustain and improve research in blood disorders, it is essential to secure funding. Therefore, we seek to improve funding opportunities for research in blood disorders in Europe.

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Position of EHA on Clinical Trials

It’s in the blood of hematologists to do research. It is our mission to promote research in European hematology. To sustain and improve the discovery (or the verification of the effects) of medicines to treat blood disorders it is essential that the requirements for clinical research add value, especially where investigator-driven research is concerned. Therefore we seek to improve the regulations for the performance of clinical trials of blood disorders in Europe.

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Position of EHA on Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is revolutionizing the way blood disorders are managed and researched. It is our mission to promote excellence in research, education, and clinical practice in hematology. To achieve this, it is important to promote personalized medicine. Therefore, we seek to improve the conditions that allow for the support of personalized medicine.

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EU commissioner Tonio Borg: 'we will continue to improve the life of people suff…

  Today, May 8, is International Thalassemia Day. Today, we seek to enhance the awareness and knowledge of thalassemia and other hemoglobin disorders.

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Press release: Theme of the Year and Patient Advocacy - 18th Congress of EHA - E…

The introduction of a European Hematology Association-Theme of the Year in June 2012, focusing on Quality of Life (QoL) in Hematology, was successful in stimulating awareness, conference sessions, publications, and reports.

The conclusion, in June 2013, of this year’s theme includes two editorials in Haematologica entitled “Patients’ needs in hematology: whose perspectives?” and “Age and Aging in blood disorders: EHA Theme of the Year 2013-2014’’. The Scientific Working Group Quality of Life and Symptoms will organize a SWG Session “Implementation of treatment related patient-reported outcomes in routine clinical practice in hematological malignancies”. Although each theme of the year is introduced to highlight a certain topic in hematology, the themes will remain active. Therefore, Quality of Life will stay on the agenda.

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Invitation: “Can EU citizens afford their medicines? The economic crisis and acc…

As we all know, healthcare budgets in Europe are under increasing pressure, affecting all medical disciplines. Sadly, hematology is no exception. Austerity measures are threatening patients’ access to medicine in Europe. On May 16, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) organizes the event ‘Can EU Citizens Afford their Medicines? The Economic Crisis and Access to Medicines in Europe’ in the European Parliament, Brussels. If you are interested, please register using the following link.


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May 8 - International Thalassaemia Day

Every year on the 8th May, Thalassaemia International Federation commemorates the International Thalassaemia Day and organises activities for raising awareness about the genetic blood disorder of thalassaemia, on general topics…

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Wide Consensus Reached at Irish Presidency Conference on ‘Innovation and Patient…

Personalized medicine and hematology have strong links. As one of the few medical specialties to do so,hematology has developed successful personalized medicine strategies and has managed to actually increase cure rates. It looks as if the future of research into blood disorders will yield more and more subtypes of diseases that will necessitate more personalized diagnoses and treatments. EHA is a member of the European Alliance for Personalized Medicine (EAPM) to work together with other academics, healthcare professionals, payers, patients, and industry representatives to accelerate the development, delivery and uptake of personalized medicine and diagnostics. Last week, this alliance organized the Irish Presidency Conference on ‘Innovation and Patient Access to Personalised Medicine’ in Dublin.

From the conference, the following press statement is released:

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World Cancer Day 2013

There are many myths out there. Today, on World Cancer Day 2013, you can get the facts. One and a half million premature deaths per year, among them from hematological malignancies, could be prevented.

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Major Conference: innovation and patient access to personalised medicine

The emerging field of personalised medicine is offering innovative ways of tackling Europe's health issues. But Europe's healthcare system is not yet fully adapted to take advantage of the possibilities.How can patients get access to the benefits that are on the brink of becoming available through personalised medicine?

This is the theme of a conference organised by EAPM under the Irish Presidency of the EU, in Dublin on March 20-21.

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Proposal for an EU Regulation on Clinical Trials: A joint statement from non-com…

We welcome the proposal for a Clinical Trials Regulation released by the European Commission. The Regulation appears to improve the legislation associated with running clinical trials. This will give clinicians and researchers a better framework for developing and testing treatments, to benefit patients across Europe, while maintaining the high standards of patient safety that currently exist in European clinical research. The harmonisation of clinical trials legislation and the streamlining of the application process for starting trials should particularly benefit the set up and running of multi-national trials in Europe.

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