Highlights from the SWG

In 2015 and 2016, members of the AML SWG discussed the preparation of an update to the ELN AML guidelines (Blood, 2010), in close collaboration with ELN. This international group of experts had many productive meetings during this period. The AML recommendations are finalized and were published in Blood in February 2017. This update is assumed to become, as the 2010 AML guidelines, one of the most cited manuscripts of Blood (list of publications #1).

Together with some relevant ELN Working Parties (MRD, AML, Diagnostics, NGS), a couple of meetings were organized in 2016 and 2017 to discuss the value of measurable residual disease detection in AML. In particular, F2F meetings, which were attended by leading AML MRD experts from Europe and USA covering flow cytometric, molecular, NGS and clinical MRD, have been very productive. This ultimately resulted in a manuscript containing recommendations on harmonization of methods to apply MRD detection in clinical trials for AML that will be submitted soon. The expert group recognizes that this is work in progress and will continue working on many practical issues that were left open in the first MRD manuscript. A consensus paper together with FDA was recently published in Leukemia (list of publications #2,#3).