SWG Educational Activities

The group on “Red cells and Iron” has two main meetings:

1) The first is during the Annual Congress of EHA and it includes a meeting of the SWG to discuss affairs and research projects, and a session during the Congress.

During the last Meeting: The 23rd EHA Congress in Stockholm

Session Type: Satellite Symposium

Agios - New Horizons in Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Diagnosis, Burden of Disease and Emerging Treatment Options

SWG of the group “Red Cells and Iron”:

Chair: A. Iolascon, University of Naples

  • Van Wijck R: New measure for RBCs deformability
  • F Carlomagno: Iron deposits and erythropoiesis
  • L Garcon: Stomotocytosis new treatment

Quick update on current studies:

  • Russo R.: Update on the registries of rare anemia
  • Roy N.: NGS and rare anemias
  • Del Mar M.: State of art of EuroBloodNet

Scientific Working Group – Heme metabolism defects

Chair: A Iolascon (I)
Tolosano (I): FLVCR and heme metabolism
JJ Chen (USA): HRI and Heme regulation
Sardh (SE): Update on porphirias

2) The second is the specific meeting of this SWG

The group also had a meeting in Barcelona (Spain)

February 2-4, 2017
RED CELLS from basic science to clinics

All the details concerning this meeting are available in the EHA web site, click here.

Next meeting will take place on November 7-9, 2019. Location: TBD

Erythropoiesis defects: from basic science to clinical case application