SWG Educational Activities

The SWG meets once a year, at the EHA Annual Congress. During the 23rd congress of EHA in Stockholm in 2018 the SWG had a meeting to discuss affairs and research projects, and a scientific session.

SWG Session in the 23rd EHA Congress:

Chair: Achille Iolascon (Naples, I)

  • Van Wijk: New measure for RBCs deformability
  • Carlomagno: Iron deposits and erythropoiesis
  • Garcon: Stomotocytosis new treatment

Quick update on current studies:

  • Russo: Update on the registries of rare anemia
  • Roy: NGS and rare anemias
  • Mañú Pereira: State of art of EuroBloodNet


Chair: D. Rees, King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom

  • Van Wijk: Metabolic defects of the red blood cell
  • Gallagher: Genetics and genomics of erythrocyte membrane defects
  • Girelli: Anemia in the elderly

Iron & disease

Chair: C. Camaschella, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy

  • Lill: Iron-sulfur protein biogenesis in health and disease
  • Fleming: Congenital sideroblastic anemia: Iron and heme lost in mitochondrial translation
  • Prentice: Potential perils of iron supplementation in low income countries

Heme metabolism defects

Chair: A. Iolascon, University of Naples

  • Tolosano: FLVCR1-mediated heme export and heme metabolism
  • J. Chen: HRI and heme metabolism
  • Sardh: Update on porphyries

These sessions were attended by a large group of participants and they are very well considered.