European Hematology Progress Test

Assess your hematology knowledge

With the Progress test on the EHA Campus, you can measure your knowledge in all areas of the European Hematology Curriculum and keep track of how you progress over the years.

The Progress Test is primarily designed for trainees and early-career hematologists. If you are more experienced, you can of course also participate.

Each year we prepare a new test, which is open twice a year  for EHA members.

The next Progress test will be open in March 2022.

The Progress test consists of 97 multiple choice questions and is modeled on previous European Hematology Exams. Upon completion of the test, you will receive immediate feedback (on your correct & incorrect answers), including references for more in-depth reading and studying. 3 weeks after the end of the testing period, you will receive comprehensive results per curriculum section, together with feedback on your overall performance in relation to the passing grade. This will further support you in planning your professional development. It is highly recommended that you discuss your results with your mentor.

Note: This test is available for EHA members only. Not yet a member? You can easily sign up here.

Edu ProgressTest Infographic2