Junior or post-Doctoral position; Functional Genomics – Deaglio-Vaisitti’s Lab

0/30/2022   University of Torino  

Job description

The Deaglio-Vaisitti Laboratory is opening two new Junior or Post-Doctoral positions for highly motivated fellows in the field of Cancer Biology and Functional Genomics.

One candidate will be involved in a project that aims at characterizing the pathogenetic mechanisms at the basis of Richter’s syndrome transformation and analyzing the sensitivity of these cells to a panel of different drug targeting critical pathways for these neoplastic cells, funded by the Fondazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC).

The second candidate will work on a project aimed at characterizing metabolic adaptation in CLL cells characterized by different somatic mutations, with the aim of identifying actionable targets to be tested in mouse models, funded by the Fondazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC).

The Deaglio-Vaisitti Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research unit that conducts basic and translational research in the field of Functional Genomics in cancer and monogenic diseases. Several projects aim to address central questions in cancer molecular biology as the identification of pathogenetic and detrimental mechanisms that contribute to CLL and Richter’s syndrome development and progression and whether they can be exploited in a translational perspective.

The lab is organized as an open space with several facilities up and running in the research institute, including flow cytometry, microscopy, single cells and genomics/transcriptomics and animal facilities. Weekly seminars held by internal scientist as well as outside hosts allow for discussion and comparison on different scientific topics, helping young scientists to improve their background and independence.



Candidates should have a background in cellular and molecular biology, with experience in cell manipulation, gene expression regulation, molecular pathways analyses. Experience with manipulation of animal models is a plus. Candidates should also have a marked attitude to work in team and should be open to collaboration, interaction and reciprocal support with the other members of the lab.

Each position is for 1-year fellowship, renewable.

How to apply

To apply please send your CV to:

Prof. Silvia Deaglio (silvia.deaglio@unito.it)

Prof. Tiziana Vaisitti (tiziana.vaisitti@unito.it)