European Working Group for Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (EWALL)

The specialized working group on adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia (EWALL) consists mainly of the members of the EWALL group, which is the European Working Group for Adult ALL, and which includes the leaders of the national ALL study groups in Europe.

Major aims are:

  • Diagnostics; identification of new genetic markers, particularly to define the new ALL subgroups ETP (Early T-Precursor ALL), bcr-abl-like-ALL
  • Minimal residual disease; the EWALL study group is leading in the standardization of the different methods for MRD, particularly immunophenotyping, RT-PCR, and ongoing, NGS
  • Treatment and patient care of adolescents and young adults (AYA)
  • Focus on the treatment and patient care in older ALL patients:
  • Development of joint treatment approaches including prospective clinical trials
  • Exploration of targeted therapies; EWALL is preparing in sequential studies 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Development of targeted therapies by immunotherapy
  • Development of joint meta-analyses
  • Cooperation of the pharmaceutical industry for the optimal evaluation of new compounds in ALL, either in company sponsored or investigator initiated trials
  • Develop guidelines and consensus recommendations for the management of ALL

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