Highlights from the SWG

The most relevant and impactful activities in 2021-2022

1. Participation in the 17. European LeukemiaNet (ELN) Symposium , Mannheim, September 7, 2021,

Chairs: D. Hoelzer, S. Chiaretti


  • Ponatinib for the treatment of Ph-like ALL, from bench to bedside S. Chiaretti
  • Ph+ ALL: clinical results of changing TKI if no CMR O. Gavrilina
  • Role of nested PCR for BCR-ABL1 detection during therapy F. Lang
  • Treatment of Elderly ALL patients focusing on Immunotherapy D. Hoelzer
  • Venetoclax and HMA in R/R T-ALL G. Isinova
  • Chemo-free approach for newly diagnosed Ph+ ALL S. Chiaretti
  • The Moscow ALL Studies E. Parovichnikova

2. Participation in the 18. European LeukemiaNet (ELN) Symposium , Mannheim, March 15, 2022

Chairs: Hoelzer, S. Chiaretti


  • Diagnosis and Clinics of Ph-like ALL S. Chiaretti
  • Outcome of elderly Ph+ALL, EWALL Studies P. Rousselot
  • Role of allo-SCT in Ph+ALL J. Ribera
  • Genomic data for prognostic stratification of adult T-ALL E. Genesca
  • T-ALL: results in GMALL 08/2013 N. Gökbuget
  • R/R T-ALL (Venetoclax+Decitabine) G. Isinova
  • T-ALL: the results of prospective randomized study RALL-2016 (Including ETP-ALL patients) O. Aleshina

3. EWALL Meeting 24—25 June 2022, Prague

Chair. Salek C


  • Upfront Blinatumomab in First‑Line Therapy of ALL – First Results of Phase 2 HOVON 146 Study (Anita Rijneveld, Netherlands)
  • Blina‑CELL Study with Blinatumomab in the Induction Phase, First Results Cyril Šálek, Czech Republic)
  • Targeted Compounds in Frontline Therapy: GMALL Experience (Nicola Gökbuget, Germany)
  • EWALL‑Ph-03 Update (Oliver Ottmann, UK)
  • Status of the IKZF1 HARMONY Project on Adult BCP ALL (Jordi Ribera, Spain, online)
  • CDX2/UBTF as a New Oncogenic Subtype of B‑ALL: a Collaborative Study Proposal (Emmanuelle Clappier, France)
  • Results of T-ALL Treated in UKALL14 Study & Plans for Future (Clare Rowntree and Adele Fielding, UK)
  • R/R T-ALL based oncogenetics, drug testing and targeted therapy in the GRAALL:ALL-TARGET (Philippe Rousselot, France)
  • Proposal of a New EWALL Collaborative Project on T-ALL (Eulàlia Genescà, Spain)
  • ELN Guidelines for ALL (Nicola Gökbuget, Germany)
  • The outcome of RIC alloHSCT patients in the UKALL14 trial (David Marks, UK)
  • Impact of Center-related Characteristics and Macroeconomic Factors on the Outcome of Adult Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia treated with Pediatric-Inspired Protocols from the Spanish PETHEMA Group (Pere Barba, Spain)

The most relevant advancements in EWALL

Incorporation of immunotherapy in frontline therapy od adult ALL in national and in an EWALL-initiated phase 2 trial

  • Multicenter EWALL phase 3 trials for adults with newly diagnosed B-cell precursor ALL and T-ALL (under development)
  • Development of an EWALL guideline for diagnosis and management of adult ALL (manuscript in preparation)

The top 3 follow-up activities priority in 2023

  • Activation of multicenter EWALL phase 3 trials for adults with newly diagnosed B-cell precursor ALL and T-ALL
  • Cooperative project for precision medicine for R/R T-ALL
  • Analysis of the prognostic significance of IKZF1 rearrangements in ALL (EWALL and HARMONY project)