EHA25 Virtual Unfolding the future

The 25th anniversary of the EHA Annual Congress is an excellent opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved in the field of hematology and what to expect for the future. Watch what renowned hematologists have to share with you:

John unfolding3 Elizabeth unfolding3
"Just appearing now are very exciting studies taking
advantage of new gene editing approaches, leading
to improvement in outcomes for patients who have
long been relatively underserved in our communities."
“Distance diagnostics is increasingly dictated by
technological and interpretative complexity.
Hematologists have always been ready to adapt."


Kimmo unfolding3 Antonio unfolding3
"In the past 25 years, the field of hematology
has been transformed by novel diagnostics and
disease follow-up tools, and more targeted and less
toxic treatments.”
"Powerful molecular tools have given us a lot of
insight into what drives chronic myeloid disorders,
what goes wrong in the cells."


Pieter Sonneveld Shai Izraeli
"What can we expect over the next 25 years?
Individualized treatment with active drugs which are selected based on the patient's characteristics on prognostic factors and molecular targets, will become the standard."
"About 1 in every 20 children are born with pre-leukemia. Only 1% of them will develop leukemia and new research shows that it is infection that interacts with the somatic mutations in the pre-leukemic cells which transforms pre leukemia to leukemia."


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