EHA Diagnosis - Coming soon

EHA Diagnosis: a diagnostic reference resource and educational powerhouse meticulously designed to elevate diagnostic expertise among hematologists.

Coming soon, the first beta version of our website will change the way you approach hematological conditions.

EHA Diagnosis will curate an expansive, comprehensive library of expert-selected, top-tier reference images, spanning the vast landscape of hematological diagnoses.

Our innovative platform empowers you to manipulate images, unraveling the hidden nuances of visible cell types. With a built-in measuring tool, you can quantify the morphological features, enabling an unprecedented level of precision in your analysis.


EHA Diagnosis will be available to EHA members only.

Beta Testing

Your insights, feedback, and suggestions will directly influence the final product, ensuring that EHA Diagnosis is tailored to meet the needs of hematologists, oncologists, and medical practitioners worldwide. Fill out our Beta Testing Form and let us know about your experience, interests, and willingness to contribute. 

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Please note that certain elements may change or may not be available in the beta release.