HARMONY: Big data for better and faster treatment


Gathering clinical, genetic and molecular information into a single database: this is the challenge taken on by the HARMONY Alliance. By bringing together data currently scattered across different clinical trial databases and registries, the HARMONY Alliance is harnessing the enormous potential of Big Data and Big Data analytics to deliver insights that will help improve the care of blood cancer patients.

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New data exchange platform on rare diseases

Medical records v3

The European Commission (EC) launched a new online knowledge-sharing platform – the European Platform on Rare Disease Registration (EU RD Platform) – on February 28, 2019.

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Mission ‘Gene Therapy’ for Horizon Europe

Horizon v7

Advanced therapies, such as gene therapy, hold promise for treating a wide range of chronic diseases and improving patients’ quality of life. As promising as these treatments are, they remain out of reach for many. 

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Uptake of CAR T cell therapy in Europe

HemAffairs DR.

Gene (editing) therapy continues to break ground in hematology, showing promising results in tackling severe blood cancers.

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Health Technology Assessment (HTA)


Every European citizen should have access to the best quality medical care at the best possible price. Pan-European cooperation on health technology assessments (HTA) is essential for such aspirations.

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GAPP Joint Action

HemAffairs Blood tubes

Joint Actions are projects designed and financed by Member State Authorities and the EU to address specific priorities under the EU Health Program.

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Hospital pharmacists and regulators lead the way on shortages

EAHP survey event 7.11.18

EHA welcomes initiatives but calls for more focus on causes

Medicine shortages have a negative impact on the quality and cost of treatments and on patient access to the best possible care. EHA has helped flag the problem with policymakers and regulators, but lack of data and understanding of the causes make it notoriously difficult to tackle.

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Major changes needed for patients to benefit from precision medicine

Alliance of Biomedical Research in Europe2

Precision medicine approaches the treatment of a disease via an individual’s genes, environment, and lifestyle. It will allow the accurate prediction of which treatment and prevention strategies for a particular...

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Dutch scientists propose algorithm to keep drugs affordable and accessible

Formule video

The paper, titled ‘Sustainability and affordability of cancer drugs: a novel pricing model’ and written by Professor Carin Uyl-de Groot and Professor Bob Lӧwenberg from Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, proposes an algorithm that should be used to determine innovative drug prices with ‘a maximum level of transparency’.

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FP9 recommendations BioMed Alliance

With preparations under way for the EU’s next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9), the BioMed Alliance has called for more robust EU support for health research. In a recent position paper, the alliance makes the case for increased funding for basic, clinical and translational research and for the development of a long-term vision and strategy involving the creation of a European Council for Health Research.

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EU funding crucial in allowing medical researchers across member states to colla...

In an article published in Science|Business, Prof. Ulrich Jäger, Chair of EHA’s European Affairs Committee and member of the BioMed Alliance Board of Directors, argues that EU funding is crucial...

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EHA in the BioMed Alliance: joining forces for biomedical research


EHA is an active member of the Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe (BioMed Alliance), in which Europe’s leading medical societies have joined forces to represent the interests of over 400,000 researchers and health professionals.

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European Reference Networks, a unique opportunity to take collaboration and pati...

On Saturday 11 June, a session in the Patient Advocacy Track focused on the emerging European Reference Networks (ERNs).

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PRESS RELEASE: The future of research in hematology is here

The Hague, January 27, 2016 In the February 2016 issue of Haematologica, critical research of blood and blood-forming organs in Europe is given a boost. The European Hematology Association Roadmap for European Hematology Research: A Consensus Document summarizes the current status of basic, translational and clinical hematology research and identifies areas of unmet scientific and medical need in Europe. It provides guidance for European and national policy makers, funding agencies, charities, research institutes and researchers when they make decisions on initiating or funding research and developing research programs.


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A European Reference Network for Rare Hematological Diseases

You may have heard of European Reference Networks (ERNs). But most likely you have not because they do not exist yet. ERNs are networks of specialized hospital departments and research centers to treat rare or low-prevalent complex diseases and they are foreseen to be established by the end of this year. EHA wants to support the establishment of an ERN for Rare Hematological Diseases.

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